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3 things Bing can do, that ChatGPT can’t

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Microsoft has launched a new version of Bing, as a rival to ChatGPT. The new Bing is like having a personal research assistant. It searches the web and then summarises what it finds to generate its response. It also cites its sources.

The new Bing is an AI-powered search engine that helps you turn information into action. It lets you ask real questions and get complete answers. It also integrates with Microsoft Edge and Skype to provide you with a seamless web browsing and communication experience.

What kind of questions can I ask Bing?

You can ask Bing anything you want – short, long or anything in between. The more precise you ask, the better the answer1. For example, you can ask Bing to create a 3-course menu for a vegetarian dinner party, to help plan your special anniversary trip1, to keep track of what you find on the web, or to protect yourself from malware and phishing.

Better than ChatGPT?

Is it better than ChatGPT? That depends on your needs, but watch the video above to see 3 things that Bing does better than ChatGPT!