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Open Source and the London Olympics

Dedicated Servers

[PATCH net-next] tcp: export drops counter to /proc/net/tcp{,6}

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St├ęphan Gorget writes: (Summary) transmit-queue =20 - 1000 0 54165785 4 cd1e6040 25 4 27 3 -1 - | =20 seq_printf(seq, - "%4d: %08X%08X%08X%08X:%04X %08X%08X%08X%08X:%04X " - "%02X %08X:%08X %02X:%08lX %08X %5u %8d %lu %d %pK %lu %lu %u %u %d= \n", + "%4d: %08X%08X%08X%08X:%04X %08X%08X%08X%08X:%04X %02X " + "%08X:%08X %02X:%08lX %08X %5u %8d %lu %d %pK %lu %lu %u %u %d %d\n= ", i, src->s6_addr32[0], src->s6_addr32[1], src->s6_addr32[2], src->s6_addr32[3], srcp, @@ -1818,7 +1818,8 @@ static void get_tcp6_sock(struct seq_file *seq, str= uct sock *sp, int i) tp->snd_cwnd, state =3D=3D TCP_LISTEN ?

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