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Open Source and the London Olympics

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[PATCH v3] MIPS: pm-cps: Block system suspend when a JTAG probe is ...

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Matt Redfearn writes: (Summary) + + switch (event) { + case PM_SUSPEND_PREPARE: + stat = read_cpc_cl_stat_conf(); + /* + * If we're attempting to suspend the system and power down all + * of the cores, the JTAG detect bit indicates that the CPC will + * instead put the cores into clock-off state. + } +} + static int __init cps_pm_init(void) { /* A CM is required for all non-coherent states */ @@ -705,6 +734,8 @@ static int __init cps_pm_init(void) pr_warn("pm-cps: no CPC, clock &

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