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Mozilla Taps New CEO
The company looks to John Lilly to grow its business while ex-CEO Mitchell Baker focuses on Mozilla's vision.
Old-School SUSE Executives Take Over Open-Xchange
Two of pre-Novell SUSE's top executives are taking the open-source groupware company Open-Xchange.
Torvalds Still Will Not License Linux Under GPL v3
The Linux creator said copyright owners would have to agree to licensing changes, and those who didn't would have to rewrite code.
OpenVZ to Release Pre-made Ubuntu VMs
OpenVZ, the open-source community arm of SWsoft, will soon be releasing ready-to-run Ubuntu server and desktop virtual machines.
After SCO Dies
Opinion: Could Novell open-source Unix? What will OpenServer customers do? Can Sun claim some customers for OpenSolaris?
Interoperability Still Stumbling Block for Open Source in 2008
Enterprise customers want open-source solutions to continue to work together over update cycles.
NeoOffice: The Open-Source Office Suite Alternative for Macs
Opinion: Yes, it's great news that Microsoft will be releasing a new version of Microsoft Office for the Mac, but before calling in your credit card number, you should check out a free, open-source alternative: NeoOffice.
Rocket gOS 2.0, the Latest Ubuntu-Google Marriage, Days Away
The new version of gOS, the desktop Linux, which combines Ubuntu with dedicated links to Google applications, will be unveiled at CES.
A More Open Microsoft
Your Linux and Mac clients won't be left out in the cold when Microsoft upgrades its Windows Server 2008 software later this year.
Debian 4.0 Gets Security Update
One of the most popular of the community Linuxes saw out the old year with a new security release.

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